TLS - What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We at Transportation Logistics Systems are loyal to our customers, and similarly many are loyal to us. Numerous times our customers have expressed their appreciation for our customer service, cost savings they realized, or making the effort to go the extra mile for them - things that they hadn't received elsewhere.



Magna Steyr Symatec

Sometimes going above and beyond is the natural thing to do... especially in an emergency. After the 9/11 incident, our largest customer called to ask us to expedite their payroll checks to their local plant in Kansas City (where TLS happens to be located.) That day it was impossible to provide the service, since virtually all modes of expedited transportation was shut down. They couldn't wire transfer the money, since some of their employees didn't have bank accounts. TLS chose to step up to the plate and typed 60 paychecks from its own bank account to cover the payroll. A grateful customer reimbursed TLS shortly thereafter.


This company was the producer of the Lincoln Blackwood truckbed, a division of a $60 billion company based in Austria. Says the local manager, "The performance of TLS has been consistently outstanding in all respects. We at Magna Steyr feel that they are an integral part of our team." READ THE LETTER FROM MAGNA


Melody Warren, Founder and President of TLS says, "This is a good example how a smaller company is beneficial to its clients. We can act quickly to serve the needs of our customers without having to go through seven layers of management."




Helzberg Diamonds

Customers sometimes are quite surprised at the savings we can offer them. A purchasing agent for Helzberg Diamonds thanked TLS in a letter, "Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your updated proposal, reflecting annual savings of 18.6% in shipping costs." Barnett Helzberg, founder, added, "Wow! Congrats, Melody!"



A $30M Equipment Manufacturing Company

Recommendations from clients have been based on their long term utilization of TLS. The director of manufacturing for a $30M company said in his letter of recommendation, dated 2002:


"In 1999 I conducted an extensive review of dedicated carriers. After my initial review, I reduced the candidates to five finalists. After visiting each carrier, and several rounds of interviews, I selected Transportation Logistics Systems for my outbound, dedicated box truck freight. In 2000, I began similar review of LTL freight, beginning with a study of over fifteen different common carriers and freight brokers. TLS had done such a great job with our dedicated box shipments; they only needed to be competitive to win the business. Since then, TLS has not only maintained both LTL and dedicated box shipments for my outbound freight, we have begun to use them for our inbound shipments as well. We have also instructed our suppliers handling third party shipments on our behalf to use TLS for our freight. We could not be happier with TLS performance over the last several years."



A $50M Lawn Equipment Manufacturer

TLS recently received a top "Vendor of the Year" award from one of its clients. The Purchasing Manager specifically cited three areas of performance that earned TLS this award: Customer support, consistent quality, and on-time performance. The recognition letter stated:


"Congratulations! Transportation Logistics has been selected for Special Recognition as a Top Three Vendor for the year. Your company is one of three selected for this annual award and the only transportation company to receive this honor. The completion of the following areas of performance has gained you this honor."


Customer Support: TLS has demonstrated strong, consistent customer support. Responding in a pro-active supportive method that allows us to maintain our commitment to strong production goals.


Quality: Your consistent quality of product, provided to our specifications, is integral to our success in producing a quality product.


On-Time Performance: You have repeatedly shown your ability to deliver goods to our location in an on-time basis. This outstanding performance is key to our success in producing a constant uninterrupted flow of finished product.


Thanks to Transportation Logistics Systems for your commitment as a vendor. It is your performance that promotes goodwill that insures success between our companies."

"Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes it's not so much what you say about yourself that's important; it's what others say about you that really counts."

                          – unknown