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Transportation Logistics Systems, Inc (TLS) is a third-party logistics provider, offering customers a full-service shipping resource. TLS can become an extension of your shipping department by providing a wide range of services, locally and nationally:



Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Expedited Ground and Air Freight


Rail Transportation: Intermodal and Bimodal

Warehousing and Distribution

Freight Management Services, including EDI capabilities


Further, our team of experienced logistics experts can customize pickup and delivery schedules to satisfy unique client needs. We trace all shipments from beginning to end to ensure a timely delivery. To assure safety and carrier compliance, TLS maintains in-house contractual agreements, copies of operating authorities and insurance certificates on all of our carriers. In short, TLS provides consistent, quality deliveries of both inbound and outbound goods and products.



TLS - Freight Movement


Why do companies rely on TLS to move their freight from point A to point B? Because we provide extremely competitive pricing through leveraging our shipping volume. Because we utilize our extensive database of alternative resources to ensure the best match up of need and availability. And because we are just the right size for a shipping company - large enough to accommodate big, nationwide orders, yet small enough we are meticulous about each and every shipment, even small, local ones.


When you call TLS you immediately talk to a live person, not a computer voice prompting you to choose a number. When you do business with TLS, you (and your cargo) are treated with respect. This results in reduced claims for damaged goods, with shipments arriving on time and according to your specifications.


TLS has developed excellent working relationships over the years, and knows the best carriers for specific jobs.


Personal attention and better access to highly competitive rates. That's why TLS customers are loyal, using TLS again and again.



TLS - Freight Management


Having TLS as your company's "freight manager" results in more efficient use of your staff's time. No more time wasted trying to accommodate last minute surprises; no more searching for a carrier who wants to go to Montana in the dead of winter. Your employees can remain focused on your company's primary business, rather than on transportation and shipping issues.


Other management bonuses to our clients are:


The responsibility shifts to TLS for negotiating the best rates for your company - an activity we do on a daily basis.


The responsibility shifts to TLS for tracking and cataloging shipments, utilizing the best computer technology to do so.


We use the volume of our entire customer database as leverage for competitive pricing and guaranteed service.


Through our extensive contacts with and personal knowledge of literally hundreds of carriers, you are assured that we will connect with the best solution for your needs.


We do not discriminate with destinations. Most small or mid-sized carriers have a geographical territory they cover, so if you are shipping outside their territory you are forced to deal with multiple carriers. With TLS, you are assured of "one-stop shopping" that meets all of your needs.


Our fee is included in the freight charges, ultimately billed to the end user.


Having TLS as your freight manager allows your company to more competitively adjust to changing patterns in shipping: "Just-in-time" supply chain practices result in smaller but more frequent shipping.


Pricing, flexibility, convenience - that's why companies rely on TLS for freight management services. 

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"On a daily basis we are called upon to transport materials that feed the supply chain to a manufacturing facility with several hundred workers, Our success in fulfilling customers' requests allows them to be successful, and in turn keeps the pipeline full of finished goods."

             – Melody Warren

                  TLS Founder & President

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